5 Best Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks My Skin


Hello everyone and welcome to skincare with Emily Watson if you don’t know me my name is Emily Watson and I’m passionate about teaching you guys how to perfect your skincare routine.

Life sometimes sucks and because of that we have a lot of stress and a lot of worry and a lot of just tiredness on us all the time.

now this leads to a lot of harm for the skin one of those manifestations is aging within the skin which we primarily see on the under and outer eye area the smile lines the foreheads in between eyebrows foreheads.

The forehead in-between the eyebrows as well as other places but those are the most common spots now aging can break your entire complexion you could have the most radiant skin.

But if you have wrinkles all over your face it’s not going to look as youthful and bright as it could so I decided to share with you my top 5 anti-aging skin care hacks.

People always ask about how I keep my skin so youthful and radiant and I usually respond with these tricks.

I go through all the details about

How you can take care of your skin?

And make sure that it is completely youthful and radiant.

Moisturizing this may seem obvious to some and not so obvious to others but one of the biggest factors in aging is dryness of the skin.

Our skin goes through so much every day and the more we use it the more dried out it becomes.

So it’s super important that you choose a good moisturizer to use for your skin with scientifically proven beneficial ingredients.

all the helpful ingredients that you need to look for in moisturizers as well as the ingredients that you should avoid.

Find a great moisturizer for your skin if you’re not new to my site I always stress the importance of moisturizing it is so important.

Because if you have dry skin you will have so many problems within the future it is important that you moisturize every single day and every single night.

It will make such a huge difference in your skin I promise you that.

Anti-aging hack number 2

5 Best Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks My Skin

For night treat according to dermatologists sleep is the recovery time for our skin.

Because our skin is exposed to so many harmful elements throughout the day it results in collagen breakdown.

Collagen is a helpful chemical in our skin that makes sure our skin is healthy and hydrated and anti aged overnight.

So you need to make sure that you are putting helpful ingredients on your skin that will ensure that collagen is restored within the skin.

And that your skin is repaired from all the harmful elements it has-been exposed to throughout the day.

This includes cleansing before you go to bed.

As well as using a night cream or moisturizer as you sleep before I go to bed I’ll use a lot of night creams or oils like vitamin A or vitamin E oils.

As well as vitamin C restorative cream all these different things just to make sure that my skin is hydrated and in before bed with all the things that are in the air surrounding us.

All the time it’s so important that you give your skin a break before you go to bed.

Anti aging hack number 3

Exfoliating acids these are specific ingredients and chemicals that are found within our skin that makes sure our pores are cleaned our skin is anti aged as well as moisturized radiant etc.

You may hear the word acid and be like oh why would I ever put acid on my skin but don’t worry these are natural ingredients that are found within the body and super super beneficial to the skin.

hyaluronic acid is great for retaining moisture within the skin.

Salicylic acid is amazing for cleaning out the pores as well as ensuring hydration.

And glycolic acid is great for anti-aging abilities.

So in anyexfoliant that you are using you want to make sure to look for those ingredients I use an exfoliate every day.

And honestly it’s incredible my pores are so cleaned out I noticed like reduction and the fine lines around my under eye area as well as in my forehead.

And overall my face is just hydrated but not too oily I love exfoliates they’re perfect for the skin.

Anti-aging hack number 4

How you can take care of your skin?

Controlling your facial expressions I’ve probably seen the biggest difference in my own skin and due to this all while growing up I used to make crazy facial expressions.

Which I thought were hilarious and I honestly still think they’re hilarious but over time I noticed that I was getting so many lines and wrinkles in my forehead.

And around my eyes because I was making these crazy facial expressions all the time.

Now a good facial expression once while is great but overall you want to make sure that when you are communicating to people you want to control your forehead.

You want to control your eyes and you want to control your mouth the more you lift your eyebrows and create these lines the more you’re going to see.

aging the more you squint your eyes and create big smile although I always encourage everyone to smile all the time but you can learn to smile like this without creating these huge wrinkles underneath the eyes around the mouth as well.

You can control your talking so that you’re not talking so widely but you can control it so that you’re not creating a bunch of crease lines around your mouth.

I am not asking you to change your personality in order to get good skin but I am saying there are methods of being happy and vibrant having fun facial expressions.

While making sure that your skin does not create all these fine lines within the face honestly if you start implementing this you will see a difference within a few months it’s crazy.

And anti-aging hack number 5

SPF or sun protection this may come as a surprise to some of you but honestly it is so so important up to 90% of aging is due to sun exposure.

yes90% that’s a crazy number it is such a huge deal that you always make sure you protect your skin every day I live in Hawaii the Sun is really strong here and so I always make sure that I put on SPF every day.

because if I don’t I will start seeing Aging in my skin I may not see it by next week but 10 years down the road it’s going to make a huge difference and I talk to clients every single day that always stress the importance of protecting your skin from the Sun.

Because they didn’t when they were young and now they’re suffering the consequences of having aged skin so it’s so important that you find a good Sun protect ant.

I personally like sun bun because they are reef safe and ensuring that the environment is protected through their business as well as.

They smell like coconut and it’s so sheer and it doesn’t leave a white cast it’s just amazing but finds the best one that works for you.


So guys I hope I’m able to delivered you good content. If you enjoyed this article make sure share this article with your all friends and family. Your little contribution can change someone’s life. So guys for now bye I’ll see you with another article.

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