5 Best Essence for Oily Skin in 2020 (Best Buying Guide)


Hey guys its Emily Watson back with another top 5 best of beauty article. And I’ll be chatting about the top 5 best essences for oily acne prone skin.

So for those of you guys who haven’t been following along the series? The top 5 has to be pulls together all the top selling products.

Products are highly rape developed by beauty editors and influencers and we do that for different categories.

And I’ll review the top 5 and let you guys know what I think. So before I dive into actual products I wanted to start off by talking about

What it is in essence?

Because it wasn’t something I occurred over actually knew about until I started getting into it and beauty products as well as the Asian skin care routine.

So in essence this primary function is to hydrate the skin. And prep it for the next steps in your skincare routine which are typically the serum and moisturizer to allow those products to absorb better.

So another way to think about it is if you have a sponge and try to put soap on a dry sponge it doesn’t tend to penetrate into the sponge as easily persons if you wet the sponge.

First and then apply the soap and it tends to penetrate and more evenly into the sponge.  So that’s the same way with our skin so by applying a layer of essence.

And then applying serum moisturizer you allow your skin to better absorb those projects. So some businesses do provide additional benefits.

Because they do contain vitamins or antioxidants. But they are in a less concentrated form that you would find in the serum also the best way to apply in essence is by just using your hands.

so typically I’ll pour it into the cup of my fan I’ll place my other one on top and just kind of slowly move it around to evenly distribute it .

And then I’ll lightly tighten up my things and that way you don’t lose any product to contact. And this gives you a nice even distribution not sweetie it’s very frequently asked question It is

What is the difference between the essences & Turner?

Because sometimes their packaging can look quite similar and also they’re both this lightweight consistency so I like to think about a Turner of her being near the beginning of your skincare routine.

So right after cleansing versus an essence is closer to the end of your skincare routine – right before serum. And moisturizer and the over lock which is also where the confusion comes in is that they both serve hydrated purposes.

But I like to remember that a toner is more closely related to the cleansing part . So if there to support removing any leftover as well as balancing out the pH of your skin versus an essence there to really support the nourishment of your skin.

So if becoming the base layer for your serum and moisturizer. I hope that helps because that’s how I got to remember and kind of understand more of the benefits of an essence versus a toner.

But if you guys are interested I did do a top 5s to beauty toners. So I’ll link that below for you guys to check out all right let’s go ahead and jump into the product.


The first product that I have here is at Katie’s facial treatment essence. And this is the first essence I have every use.

It was introduced to this flea back in the day actually when I first started working and I was really concerned.

Because I was working really late night so I was needed something to help prevent wrinkles.

And this was highly recommended to me and since then and has been popping in and out of my skincare routines.

Because it is quite a premium products and I like to rotate it in and out. But overall I just really love using this.

And main ingredient in here is Pat era assets and natural byproduct from this fermentation.  And it’s really great for helping improve the texture of your skin decreasing wrinkles as small as fading dark spots.

And I just love that after using this consistently for a couple months I feel like my skin has this really nice close by the love. And it’s really lightweight absorbs into the skin really easily and also very high.

I think my only little complaint about it is the smell has somewhat of a nice light smell which is not something I’m a huge fan of but because I love the result that I see I definitely keep going back to it.


Our Top Rating

One’s Korean beauty started gaining popularity in the state I started trying out more essences from Korean brands.

And this one right here is from Missha this is the Thai revolution first treatment essence mist and it does also come in the liquid form which is very similar to the sqt one.

So these have been hailed as a dupe for that and I actually really like them this because I find it very nice and easy to apply and once the mist kind of settled I just lightly Pat it in.

And it does contain very similar ingredients in terms of its main ingredient is fermented ease. But this one also has nice I might as well.

So it really helps for clarifying your skin so overall I really enjoyed using the amino one.  And I do find it to be similar to the SKT one I have to say I use this war on a daily basis since it’s more affordable.

but I switch over to the SKT t1 if I have something nice or I have a big event coming up I tend to go with that one since I do notice that he hydrates may more moveable flow.

And if you have trample definitely let me know down in the comments which one is your favorite.


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Next one here is me Chris Ross sauce so unlike other water consensus.

This has maple tree stop so its main ingredient is really nourishing as well as hydrating and also because it’s maple tree stuff I thought it would be sticky.

But it’s actually not it’s just very lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly also has antioxidants as well.


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This one right here is the copper and man steel 96 us in power essence. So it does have 96 percent of snail secretion filtrate which is packed with nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid as well as glycoprotein.

So the very hydrating and also really great for improving this elasticity of your skin. And it does help treat hyper pigmentation as well.

So I love using this after I get a blemish and find that the faces spot much more quickly. And the texture of this they look slightly thicker than the other watery essence that I talked about before.

But surprisingly once I applied this on and start rubbing it in it turns into more of water like texture and it absorbs really quickly it doesn’t feel heavy at all. So this is also one of my favorite.


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I have here Etude houses moist full collagen essence and this one does have small particles of supercontinent water the vine with pop-up oil and together it’s to help make your skin nice and plump and bouncy for that youthful appearance.

And the collagen is great for helping you improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin. So overall I think it’s a nice anti-aging focused essence but also provides very nice hydration.

Also the touch campus is very similar to the puffs rx1 it comes out a little bit slightly thicker like gel like at first. But once you start rubbing it in and becomes more of a nice watery texture absorbs into the skin quickly.

And the only doubts that I notice is that it does make my skin feel a little bit sticky at the end. But just very slightly and also it does have a fragrance. So if you guys are sensitive to that just keep that in mind.



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So I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful if you did let me know. if I give you me a share also if you’re curious as to what the other essences were that we’re popular but didn’t quite make the top 5 I left a link on this article for you to check out.

and also let me what other topics you would love for me to cover in the new top 5 that’s a beauty series thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you guys next time.

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