5 places to visit in Mallorca- an honest guide to Spain

Most people consider Mallorca or Majorca in Spain to be just Magaluf, about the liquor and wild evenings out, and I recall that was actually what I had expected when I loaded onto my trip to Mallorca a couple of years back.

Yet, in all actuality, I scarcely did Mallorca equity since I went with that desire myself. I was anticipating lounging next to crystal clear waters- spending days by the shoreline, evenings nibbling on tapas and unwinding in the rich 5-star inn in Mallorca I’d set up for.

I even left my camera at home so I could totally disconnect during the vacation.

What I found in Mallorca however was far beyond what I had been anticipating. On the off chance that you are a Brit like me, at that point the notoriety of Magaluf is something you will be very much aware of; yet in actuality, Magaluf is such a little piece of this island there is an entire host of history, culture and astonishing nature to appreciate.

While my week-long vacation to Mallorca didn’t permit me an opportunity to encounter everything the island offers, here are a couple of recommendations.

These are some off-beat must-visit spots you should definitely check out when you come to Mallorca. I’ll be adding to this rundown after my next outing; presently I know exactly how much this all year bright break holds.

What places should you go to in Mallorca?

Port de Sóller

I’ll begin with my preferred disclosure of my excursion to Mallorca, Port de Sóller.

Getting to Sóller is a piece of the appeal, and the El Tren de Sóller gives a brilliant voyage from the capital of Palma.

Winding its way along the thin track, you can actually connect and contact lemon trees on the course. The old, wooden train is cute and experiences the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain go with a blend of passages and scaffolds, and a portion of the perspectives are I’d daresay the best on the island.

When you touch base at Sóller, you’ll feel like you have been shipped to an alternate island. The mountains tower around you in the community, while the lapping waves knock the little vessels together in the port. It’s a sentimental spot to come and remain in the event that you need to feel like you have away from the groups, despite the fact that in the mid year months numerous individuals head here on day-trips.

The town locales about 3km away from the port and both are well worth visiting, however a nightfall drink at the port is extremely a feature.

In Sóller make sure not to miss the complicatedly beautified Església of Sant Bartomeu, or the fabulous perspectives from the beacon in the Port. Because of the dazzling landscape around Sóller, it likewise makes for an incredible beginning stage to climb into the mountains.

Climbing Barranc de Biniaraix

There are a lot of unbelievable climbs in Mallorca, which will take you through immaculate mountains and tumbling cascades, yet the Barranc de Biniaraix, which takes you through a rough gorge not a long way from Sóller is the one I decided on. Be cautioned, however, set off promptly in the first part of the day as the course can get very extreme in the event that you make the full circle in the early afternoon sun.

The trail takes around five-hours on the off chance that you plan on making a circle from Sóller and can be an entire day climb on the off chance that you do the full track and circle. The trail isn’t actually an extreme climb, yet some may like to procure a guide as the course at certain focuses can be very steep and require climbing.

When you leave the valley in Sóller and head into the Biniaraitx gorge itself, you’ll welcome the amazing difference in view. Olive and lemon trees line the patios around the crevasse, and the karst gulch has been formed throughout the years by the water which has gone through it.

There are different strolling courses you can take, however the circle to the farmstead and back is a decent wagered on the off chance that you don’t need anything excessively strenuous. For the individuals who adventure on however, you’ll be remunerate by significantly more lakes, cascades and crazy vistas watching out over the mountains and sea.

Mind boggling shorelines

The waters and shorelines in Mallorca are that excellent shade of light blue that tropical islands evoke, not islands in Europe, so on the off chance that you appreciate making a beeline for the shoreline or watersports, you are in karma.

Playa de Palma isn’t a long way from the air terminal, and it was here where I delighted in a few evenings of extravagance in a shocking inn before I went to remain in Sóller. This extended length of sand is perfect for those needing to be closeby Palma, and not have a long move when they land, yet there are a lot of littler and considerably all the more dazzling shorelines over the island you should discover time to visit.

In the south of the island, Caló des Moro is without a doubt a show stealer, and I was so happy to visit in the off-season as this modest bay with its turquoise waters would clearly get insane occupied in summer. It’s a little shoreline, however close by are a lot of different stretches of sand you can unwind on in the event that you touch base to discover Caló des Moro has just been surpassed by different sunseekers.

Not very a long way from Sóller is Cala Banyalbufar shoreline, and despite the fact that this isn’t your regular shoreline which an immense sandy stretch, it’s incredibly wonderful, particularly as vineyard patios end up from it. It’s positively one I would propose visiting, regardless of whether only for a plunge and some photographs and in the event that you can’t disclose to I cherished everything along the west of Mallorca close Sóller.



The capital city of Mallorca, Palma, is ruled by the Santa Maria Cathedral, a terrific Gothic structure which opponents the highlights of most Spanish urban areas. Inside you’ll discover a blend of multifaceted design displaying how the congregation has been added to since its thirteenth-century development, and its prime position in Palma along the water makes it a genuine wonder.

Simply nearby to the congregation is the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, which grandstands the Moorish history of the island. This tremendous Arabic fortification was utilized as the regal living arrangement on the island, and you’ll require a decent couple of hours to take in the history inside, where the stone rooms with their angled roofs are genuinely amazing. The fifteenth-century Lonja de Mallorca is another structure well worth investigating.

Palma itself has a cool vibe about it, and obviously, being Spain, there are a lot of eateries and bars to appreciate the new neighbourhood fish or appreciate a glass of nearby wine went with Tapas. Cala Major, an oceanside retreat marginally further down the coast is another extraordinary spot to put in a couple of hours or appreciate supper in the open air.

Top de Formentor

The drive to the tip of Mallorca, Cap de Formentor, gives some amazing perspectives as you change from stretches of sand to tough inland mountains, however the street gets somewhat crude towards the part of the arrangement.

The beacon at the pinnacle gives some incredible photograph openings, and it’s too stunning. The bluffs falling into the sea with the slamming waves made this the second most wonderful piece of the island that I visited.

Close by, the waterfront drive to Port d’Alcúdia is another excellence, and somewhat more laid back and loose than the south side of the island. From Port d’Alcúdia you can likewise take a ship onwards to Barcelona on the off chance that you don’t wish to fly from the island.

Port d’Alcúdia is home to the Alcudia shoreline, which is a significant lot of inlet with shallow waters perfect for unwinding in, yet simply inland is the Ciudad Romana de Pollentia, a Roman exhuming site that merits a visit on the off chance that you are into learning the historical backdrop of the island. Unearthing works are continuous, however, the immense enclave houses a performance centre among the old local location, and it’s crazy to see the Roman structure work, going back to BC, on a Spanish island.

Is Mallorca worth visiting?

Mallorca is awesome to visit all year round.

Mallorca has well-maintained roads and excellent travel connections to the rest of Europe and mainland Spain, by air and by sea, making it an easy destination for vacations in any season. 

What part of Mallorca has the best beaches?

Since it is an island, almost every side has something unique to offer. However, if you’re looking for a specific beach that combines rugged terrains with Instagram worthy views, you should totally visit Es Pontàs, Mallorca’s azure window to the world. 

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