5 Very Simple Step How to Find Your Skin Type


Hello everyone, and welcome to this brand new article and I’m passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine.

So that you can see my articles every single weight week what welcome to skin basics episode 1.

How to find your skin type yes the world of skincare is confusing as shit oily dry dehydrated what the fuck do these words mean,

And I totally understand the feeling of walking into the skincare department asking a question, and then they slam you with that question.

What is your skin type, and you’re like human skin I’ve been there we’ve all been there so in this article I’m going to be teaching you in under five minutes how to find your skin type

First of all, why does finding your skin type even matter because your skin needs help sweetie like it or not that ‘the reality we all need help with our skin in some way or another

Because you currently have some glowy skin without any pimples does not mean that you are safe from the bitch that is bad skin.

We all fall victim to her winced while even the best of us and I can understand you saying why do skincare even matter believe me I get you I used to hate skincare

Because I thought it made my skin either look too greasy or that it was all just fancy creams for a rich old woman to smother on their face.

So that they can smell roses throughout the day you know I don’t know but let me tell you finding out your skin type help you learn how to help your skin it makes a huge difference

Because if you’re using the wrong product, you’re not going to see the results that you’re looking for it’s like answering a math equation with mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, okay that shit does not work.

And I also understand that if you’ve done a Google search to find the skin type, it may have provided you with a super complicated answer and I am here to make it as simple as possible

So let’s go now what is a skin type refers to the hydration level of your face moisture and hydration are necessary to have good skin but our bodies don’t often work with us in the best way possible to get our skin as hydrated as possible

And when our skin is hydrated that means we start to see wrinkles appear dark spots and a whole bunch of other issues that we do not want to experience by learning which skin type you have you’ll be able to understand how you can best help your skin get the most hydration while looking the absolute best.

So how to find your skin type step number 1

So how to find your skin type step number 1

Use a gentle cleanser while you are shower I recommend these simple micelle facial gel you can find this at pretty much any drugstore in the USA it’s a good cheap gentle cleanser works well when you’re in the shower just take a little of it and foam it up in your hand and then gently rub it across your face for about 30 to 45seconds before rinsing off

Step number 2

When you get out of the shower do not moisturize your face don’t do anything with your skin at all just let it rest for an hour but make sure you don’t go outside or into the Sun or anything like that because that’s just going to damage your skin this process is meant for a relaxing night

Now steps number 3

After the hour is done and go to the mirror and closely examine your skin if you notice a shininess almost looking like you’ve sweat a little bit kind of reflectiveness most like you’ve applied highlighter all over your forehead or nose this means that you have oily skin

Now if you notice that your skin feels very tight and stripped almost like there’s no hydration in your face or you notice some flakiness or a ton of tiny little lines whenever you make any facial expressions on your skin that means you have dry skin

Now if you notice that certain spots are gleaming while other spots feel tight or stripped this means you have combination skin welcome to the worst of the worst skin types sorry that’s not fair, but the good news is that I have combination skin so make sure you stay tuned with us

So that you can see my recommendations and then if you do not notice any like tightness, but you also don’t notice any creasing this your skin seems to feel and look fine you lucky bastard that means you have normal skin you are one of the anointed by the gods to have the best skin type out there to where you basically don’t need to worry about any major skin problems besides just taking care of the basics

It ‘meeting higher from the futures I was editing I remembered another way that you can find out your skin type is by looking at the size of your pores the bigger the pore, the more active the skin is in creating oil.

Therefore you’re more likely to be oily and vice versa the smaller the pore, the less oil your skin is likely producing and therefore your skin is dry and sorry it got too loud I find that this can sometimes be helpful for people who are in more like humid or really dry climates where it’s hard to tell what skin type you have because for example like when you’re sweating all the time it ‘really difficult to figure out what type of hydration your skin needs,

So besides doing the shine test that I just recommended I recommend going up into one of those like really close mirrors where you can see like every individual pore on your face, and you rapidly lose self-confidence as you hyper analyze every imperfection you have and use one of those to see how big your pores are the bigger they are, the more likely you are, the smaller they are, the more likely you have dry skin anyway that’s my two cents moving on

Step number 4

Now I will say you may have heard words being thrown around like dehydrated or sensitive skin type and let me just explain in my personal opinion those are not skin types those are skin concerns there’s a difference

I can’t tell you how many times when I ‘ve worked as a cosmetic specialist that someone will come up to me Express the skincare concern I asked them what their skin type is and they respond with I’m dehydrated

and I say great what’ your skin type it’s you and everyone else unless you have normal skin everyone has dehydrated skin in some way or another from what I have learned your skin type is a manifestation of the hydration level of your face our skin is lacking the essential hydration that it needs.

So it shows that in different ways whether that be by producing a ton of oil on the surface of your skin or by not producing any oil at all we pretty much all have dehydrated skin you are not special.

Also if you’ve heard people say they have sensitive skin that is also a skin concern, not a skin condition because you can have super oily skin and have sensitive skin and you can have super dry skin and have sensitive skin all right.

Step number 5

Now steps number 3

Now that you know your skin type you can now proceed with finding products that will work best for your specific type of skin.

 Now sometimes you may find dry skin products that work for your oily skin and vice versa the skincare world is open to you my daughter

But snowing your skin type will make it a little bit easier in finding which specific products are going to work best for your skin and save you a lot of money down the road.


 I will promise you that if you are interested in learning how to best help assist your look the best possible be sure to stay tuned to my website.

I put out articles every single day talking about how you can perfect your skincare routine because I want to help you get the most healthy glowy skin possible thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you in the next article.

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