DIY Hakes: Night Skincare Routine Step By Step In 2020

Hi my Emily Watson welcome back to my site I hope you guys are doing well. In this article today I’m going to be talking all about my skincare routine.

Because I get so many questions from so many of you guys want to know everything about my skincare. So today I have my night skincare routine for you guys.

Which is more linear than my morning skincare so I’m going to be splitting?

Now I’m also going to be sharing some of my very important skincare tips which I learned from the internet. And also by hate and trial which has completely changed my skincare game.

So you want to grab a piece of paper and a pen to write all these tips. And also a cup of tea or coffee because this is going to be a long-ass article And without further ado let’s dive right into this article


The first step of skincare that I’m going to talk about is makeup removal. Now it’s very very important to get rid of all the makeup before you go into any kind of skincare. So I like to make it a little elaborate and split. This part into three steps

First we are going to go into micelle water.

Then we are going to go into a cream based cleanser.

And then the third will be a water based cleanser on days.

Where I’m not wearing makeup I like to skip using any micellar water I just goin with a cleansing balm.

And just cleanse my entire face that helps get rid of any kind of gunk or pollution from my face.

So today since I’m wearing makeup and I have a heavy base of waterproof mascara eye shadows and evener lipstick so I’m going to go into the micellar water.

My favorite Right now is from Garner it’s them my seller oil infused cleansing water that’s how the bottle looks like. And this is an oil based cleanser.

So this will help me get rid of my eye makeup and also my lipstick any kind of waterproof mascara.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 1

Now for this step I like to pour in some of the micellar water on a cotton pad. And please make sure that you have good cotton pads especially something that’s lint-free.

The ones that I absolutely love are from tulip and these are lint-free pads they are dual textured. And they can be used from both the sides.

These are the ones that I really like available on Amazon I’m going to leave All the details of all the products in the below.

Whenever you’re removing your eye makeup you want to be careful.  And you want to be gentle you just want to put some of the micellar water on a cotton pad.

And just press it for about five seconds and when you wipe it off you will see that most of the makeup is going to come out.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 2

Now this is a really important step guys. Because you don’t want to hurt your eyes or break your lashes. So be very very gentle whenever you’re removing your eye makeup.

Now once I’ve removed my eye makeup and lipstick with my seller water.

I’m going to go in with a cleansing balm I still see that my waterproof mascara hasn’t gone out completely.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 3

The cleansing balm that I absolutely love for removing my makeup is the Clinique take the day off. This is their travel sized small bottle.

And the days where I’m not wearing makeup and this one actually even removes makeup. This is the rice water Bite cleansing.

This is from face shop this is also my absolute favorite I love it especially on the days. But I’m not wearing makeup it removes any kind of pollution and gunk from your face. And it’s really really good and gentle even.

If you have sensitive skin I really highly recommend this I think this is anal skin type product even drier skin type people or combination skin type people can use.

This but since today I’m wearing makeup and I’m wearing waterproof mascara in specific. Then I like to go in with clinic.

Clinique is basically like a balm so I’m going to scoop out a good amount. Because I want to get rid of the entire face of makeup.

so I literally take a little bit extra like that much and then I’m just going to warm it up in between my fingers a little bit. And then I’m just going to start massaging it on my face.

This is going to melt down all the makeup the foundation and even the waterproof mascara. This is one of the best cleansing butters out there guys.

If you have the budget to buy this I highly highly recommend going in for this it’s a very good cleansing balm to have especially. If you are someone who wears makeup often this is going to be a lifesaver.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 4

Now I like to massage my cleansing balm for at least 45 to 50 seconds. Because you want to give it time you want to make sure that you’re very gently massaging your face.

That the entire makeup melts down after I’ve removed my cleansing balm. I also went ahead and washed my face.

And the face wash that I use that night is the green tea pore cleansing face wash this is such a beautiful cleansing gel. And anyone with acne prone skin combination oily skin even dry skin type people can use this.

Now I’m going to give you very very important tip and that’s your respective of your skin type and the face wash that you’re using go ahead.

And massage your face wash for exactly 60 seconds you don’t want to do it more than. That because that’s got to dry out your skin.

And I started to do it ever since and I could see the results within a week of me following this tip. So this is a really important skin care tip guys definitely do it.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 5

Now on most days after washing my face I would go in with a toner and the one that I like is from plum. This is the plum green tea toner I’ve talked about this also in detail in my plum article.

Today is the day of the week when I use a face mask and I love masking you guys especially. Because I wear a lot of makeup it really clears up my pores a lot.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 6

So I do the masking twice a week I scrub my face once a week. And I do masking twice a week.

So the scrub that I use which I have already done this week is the bio papaya art and removal scrub. This is one of my favorite scrubs to use. Because it’s very gentle on the skin and especially very good for sensitive skin.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 7

Now I love masking So I keep alternating between face masks the three that I’m reaching out the most.

These days are the first which is from good vibes it’s that papaya glow mask I’ve done a full review on good wipes products.

So I’m going to link that article you can check it out the second one being the Banaras It’s the Multanimitti face pack it comes with sandalwood.

Again I have done a review on this product as well the third one which is my holy grail and this is probably my third tub I don’t even know I love this.

This is from L’Oreal it is their pure a clay mask it’s the charcoal mask and this is so beautiful you guys. It’s also very popular a lot of you tubers have raved about this.

So I like to use this once a week for sure because it cleans out all your pores. And all the gunk in your post so I’m going to go in yesterday just by looking at how much I’ve used. This claimed us you would know that I love this product.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 8

Now I like to use my mask either with my fingers directly or with a face back brush. This is actually a foundation brush from Vega so I’m just going to go in and apply this all over my face.

The mask is on and I’m going to leave it for 15 minutes for it to dry down. I’m going to try and insert a clip while it’s drying down. And you’re going to see that how it settles in the pores and it pulls out all the gunk and dirt.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 9

Now another important tip is whatever skincare you are doing on your face. Please make sure you take it down your neck I washed off the face mask. And do you see how clean my face looks that’s why I absolutely love.

This product now I’m going to go in with some rose water which will also act like atoner. And the one that I love right now is from Dewier hubs it’s their pure rose floral water.

And this is a brand that I discovered very recently I tried their vitamin E and I absolutely loved it I talked about it in one of my articles.

And the vitamin E has always been my favorite so they did send me the products. But this is not a sponsored article whatsoever I bought their vitamin E with my own money I loved that. So they sent some more products for me to try out.

It’s only that there’s no other ingredient teargas oil has organ oil in it and no other ingredients so on. And so forth so I highly recommend do check out their products maybe try one.

And then if you like you can invest in more so I’m just going to shake this I always do that with my toners. And then I’m just going to sprits it all over my face.

Now you want to be generous when you’re putting any rosewater after you’ve removed your face back. Because you know you want to hydrate your skin immediately and I like to just Pat this rosewater in. So that it kind of hydrates my skin quickly.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 10

For serum I am currently using the white seed brightening serum I bought. This product very recently and loving it absolutely.

If you have texture on your skin off you just need some hydration on your skin and you don’t need a very heavy serum highly recommend this. I really like using this at night.

So I just take two pumps and that’s more than enough for me. So I like to just warm this product on my fingers a little bit and then start from the center of my face.

And then kind of spread it out obviously you doesn’t want to forget your neck. And this is a serum which I feel is so light on skin.

So if you have sensitive skin you have oily skin combination skin you are going to love this even dry skin type people love it for a fact I know that.

The only thing you have to do if you’re a dry skin type just go in with a little bit extra. So whenever your serum is absorbed in your skin just make sure you pat it in so very gently just kind of tap your fingers all over your face.

The other serum that I really like using is forester Lauder it’s their advanced night serum the ANR very very popular it’s a cult favorite.

This is a super expensive product this is the smallest travel size bottle. And this I think costs around1200 or 1300 rupees a very very pricey product.

But it is bomb it’s worth every single penny now I like to use this whenever I have a big conference.

next day to attend at work or if I have a function in the house I just like to apply it instead of my other serum I like to go in with this you got to be a little generous with this I know this is an expensive product.

But this really is worth your money so But I only use this occasionally initially I was just using this serum. But then I switched to many other things.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 11

Now I’m going to go in with a moisturizer and there are two that I absolutely love at night first being the plum green tea night gel.

If you have acne prone skin or if you have acne scars on your face combination oily skin go ahead use. This even dry skin type people can use this you just have to going with a little bit extra that.

I’m going to use today because usually when I remove makeup my skin feels a bit drier.  So I really like to go in with the china seed no intense shine hydrating cream.

This is something I really like to use this is from face show up especially. After I removed my makeup the other thing that I like to do is I mix some vitamin E oil in my skincare.

I have mentioned this earlier as well I love vitamin C and vitamin E in my skincare it really makes your skin fight hydrated.

And supple vitamin E is very good for skin and this is the one that I’m loving right now also from Dairy herb soup really really good and pure vitamin E.

So what I like to do is I just like to mix two drops of vitamin E in my moisturizer whichever moisturizer I’m using at night.

And then again start from the center of my face and then just spread out this moisturizer on the entire of my face. Now do you see just two drops of vitamin E and what a beautiful Sheen it has added on my face.

And my skin feels so hydrated the other thing that I like to do if my skin is feeling very dehydrated especially.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 12

After makeup it does happen then I just go in with a sheet mask after my face back. So I will use a sheet mask and leave it on my face for about 20 minutes. And that just really hydrates your skin but it was fine for me.

Today I was not feeling that dry so I did not go ahead with this. If you want to buy a sheet mask highly recommend the face shop once.

They are very very stunning especially the green tea avocado and the aloe Vera one I really like

Night Skin Care Routine Step 13

My next product is an eye cream and the one that I love right now is the bio teak bio seaweed eye cream.

this is an eye gel it’s an ant fatigue gel and really really like this is a beautiful product and this is in age from completely it’s a clear gel.

Now this is not doing anything for my dark circles but honestly it does not claim anywhere on the packaging that it is for dark circles it is however super hydrating.

And it gives a much lifted kind of a feeling very very cooling on the eyes so I just like to very gently put it underneath my eyes and also on my lids.

Now you’ve got to be very gentle while you’re putting your eye cream. And the best way to do it is to just pack it in instead of rubbing it in.

And even if you are rubbing it sure it’s anti-clockwise the other way around don’t do it clockwise please just make sure it’s anti-clockwise best way is to just Pat it in.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 14

The last product that I have for you is lip balms you guys know that I love lip pumps I like to hydrate my lips practically all day long. So the one that I have here is from Lineage.

This is their lip sleeping mask it is a beautiful stunning lip mask you guys. it’s it’s a great product I’ve almost run out of this one I really like this it smells so beautiful you know very subtle fragrance .

And it gives a very beautiful plus to your lips this lip balm is so hydrating you guys.

If you have cracked or chapped lips just sleep off with this lip balm next morning you’re going to wake up with plump hydrated juicy lips.

Night Skin Care Routine Step 15

Now I have one more product recommendation for you guys it’s completely optional. But I highly recommend if you want long beautiful fluttery lashes include a castor oil in your eyelashes at night.

So essentially before you’re sleeping off just take as-tip or a bud and apply some castor oil on your eyelashes.

Now you have to be careful which castor oil you are buying because you’re putting it on your eyelashes it can goes in your eyes as well. The one that I love and recommend is from aloe Vida.

This is their cold pressed and hexane free oil please make sure that you are using hexane free guys. This is really really important to also recommend that your oil should be cold pressed.


So guys with that it are a wrap that was a very detailed night skin care routine from a skincare diehard fan.  And a passionate skincare lover I hope you like this article.

And if you have any questions for me feel free to leave them in the comment section below. And until I see you next guys thanks so much for reading love you all bye.

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