How to Use Foundation & Concealer [3 Different Ways]


Hey guys it’s your Emily Watson Welcome back to my site I know you guys missed me and I’m sorry for my absence but today I’m here back with an awesome article.

Today I’m going to talk to you guys about 3 different ways to use a Concealer foundation or BB cream and I’m going to feature this new product.

Midnight Blue Calming Cream



This is the Klaire’s  BB cream cushion foundation and it’s collaborating with between which is a famous couple messaging application in Korea.

I love the packaging and the formulation and I’m going to give you guys hidden secret tips on how to use this cushion foundation to make your experience better.


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1. How to change the coverage of cushion foundation?

Now there are 3 different ways to change the coverage or the application of this foundation.

First tip: Flipping over the cushion itself

Most cushion foundations have the sponge inside right so what you do is get a clean tweezers a spatula sort of looking freezer thing.

And you flip it over this isn’t applied to all cushion foundations but this one in particular is made so that.

The coverage gets better because most of the coverage induced product is on the bottom of the cushion foundation.

So just flipping over the cushion itself gives you a better application in terms of coverage that’s my first tip.

Second tip: Put a liquid Concealer in the cushion

On changing the coverage of the cushion um it’s really simple just get up perfectly like just regular normal liquid concealer that you can get and usually tube type ones work the best.

And by using a liquid concealer what you do is you open up your cushion foundation and you just apply some of the concealer inside the cushion.

So the amount really depends on how much coverage you would like and also I recommend you do this after you use some of the cushion up.

So that it doesn’t overflow with product and what you do are you just squeeze um a little bit on to the cushion.

And by using the puff that’s inside the cushion what you do is you stamp it in and this absorbs into the sponge.

Because of the cushion foundations of you know properties itself and by squishing it init mixes into the mixes into the BBcream so what you get is you get a more full coverage application.

And it’s really natural too because of the cushion foundation that’s all you cansee the coverage is really good because of the concealer.

I recommend you guys do this every time you need that sort of coverage not like as soon as you buy the product or you know just to mix it in for the sake of it.

When you need the coverage use concealer on top of the cushion and it gives you flawless coverage like this.

Final tip: Using a q-tip to use the cushion BB itself as a concealer

Just get a q-tip and use this kind of as a brush now the reason why I recommend you use this instead of a concealer brush is because the q-tip itself absorbs the excess moisture inside a cushion foundation.

Most cushion foundations are very moisturizing so they can have a little less coverage than you would like.

but the q-tip does is it absorbs the excess moisture but gives you the coverage you need so if you stamp it in like this it applies on the tip of the q-tip.

And just put it on blemish spots and it works perfectly as a concealer you guys really need to try this just by using aq-tip like this it intensifies the coverage and it makes the application way better.

I use this a lot when I need to like I’ll touch up my makeup and I feel like I have something on my face then I just get a q-tip and dab it into the cushion foundation and apply it on troublesome areas.

The second Method of using a BB Or foundation?

2. Different application methods

Now mostly when you guys buy a cushion foundation it comes with a ruby cell or like air puff like this inside and isn’t this adorable I think this is like the cutest thing ever look at the face.

So by using the puff inside you can get a really good carlike a mad type of application and I recommend this for those of you that don’t want the do we look.

Most people get really kind of like scared of Christian foundations because of the – we finish most of it gives.

But I think if you use the cushion or the puff that’s inside the product it doesn’t give you that do us sort of finish at least in terms of this product.

so the second tip on applying on the Christian foundation or BB cream is by using a separate sponge like just a regular makeup sponge like this and dunking it into water just amping it up a little bit.

But make sure it doesn’t run on like to make it too runny after you put it in water just squeeze up the excess moisture.

And by using a damp sponge with a cushion foundation what you get is like the perfect sheer and natural application with a dewy finish.

What you do is you just it’s really simple you just get the damp sponge and dab it into the product.

because they’re both sponges it’s really good like at absorbing in the product but it doesn’t take in too much because the product I mean the sponge itself is damn well it gives you more of like a moisturized look than actually just using the puff itself, So this is my second tip.

finally using a makeup brush using a brush really helps with even evenness just brush it up against the product I love cushion foundations for this you could look use it on so many different levels because it’s just so easy to pick a product.

And by applying it on the brush I’m using a stippling brush like this but you guys can use a buffing brush or a foundation brush.

and just dab it into the product and then just brush it up against your skin and they’re like is anything going on the skin.

but it really does apply as you build it and by going in on a number of times like three to four times you can get like a really even skin complexion.

I only use this method though like I said again when I really need light coverage if you guys are going for the full coverage use the puff that’s inside it’s the best method to apply it.

Last and the best Method on using a cushion BB Or foundation?

Change the effect of the cushion

What’s been really popular in Korea lately is adding substances or essences or some sort of like serums into your cushion foundation.

What it does is it changes the formulation and it changes the effects the cushion gives?

I really recommend you do this with a cushion like this or something that’s really standard.

If your guys are already using like a whitening cushion or like a you know of wrinkle care cushion adding more serums can kind of feel?

Over whelming but with this cushion it’s really perfect to add serums and essences into it.

So sometimes you can get little like kits and kits where you add different serums into your own foundation but you can do this simply at home,

First use like around one-third or half of your foundation and you open it up cutup.

Today I have two serums with me these are perfect serums to add to your foundations in my opinion.

Because first this is the rich moist soothing serum by klaire’s and it works really well with the formulation of this BB cushion and it helps with making the formulation more moisturizing for those of you that can find it a little too matte in the winter.

So this is also perfect let’s say you get a cushion in September when it’s still a little hot or like little warm.

And then in the winter you know in October or November when it gets colder if you add like a moisturizing soothing serum like this into your cushion then it makes your application much more smoother.

Today what I’m going to mix into my cushion is this Benton snail essence now this is helps with so many different things but it’s an all-in-one product so it doesn’t overwhelm your skin.

And health food whitening wrinkle care trouble care and also moisturization multi essences like this are perfect to add to your foundation without overwhelming like I said again your skin and what you do is you just add a decent amount into your foundation.

I don’t recommend you put too much in because even if you used a lot of the product it can kind of like overflow it and make it too sheer so what I do is add three to four pumps I added four right now.

And again like I did with the concealer just get the puff and press it in press it into press it into the sponge so that it soaks up.

If you guys use a serum that has  a color or a tint to it let’s say like if you use one with like a yellow or like some sort of hue to it.

Then it changes the tinted pigmentation of the foundation so it’s important to use a clear serum like this you can see it absorbed perfectly into the cushion.

and then if you apply it pop up it’s a lot more it’s more moisturizing and it’s it didn’t change the coverage like that much it just it just made this into some sort of like a multi effective cushion that’s perfect for you.

So if your skin trouble is whitening then use a whitening serum if your skin troubles wrinkles wrinkle care I’ll use a wrinkle care serum it really depends on your need.

and I don’t I don’t know I think it’s not good to mix in different essences so once you’ve already put one essence then don’t add a different type into it because then it really messes up the formulation of the cushion.


As always I always post my articles like this thank you guys for reading like share with your friends and family and comment down below on future article ideas that you guys want me to tryout and yeah I’ll talk to you guys next time thank you guys for reading

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