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Hi everyone welcome back so in this article I’m going to do a first impression and a review of the new Maybelline fitme foundation.

I got the fitme foundation in the shade Sun beige which is number 310.

and right now I’m not wearing any base I’m not wearing any primer or anything like that so I just did my eyebrows and my eyes and I’m not going to use any primer or powder to set the foundation.

So it’s just purely going to be just testing this foundation and just talking about it while I’m applying it.

so it’s a first impression but also a review so this is actually a totally sealed bottle like I just got it yesterday and I haven’t even opened it I’ve not tried it.

Maybelline fit me matte + pore less foundation

Maybelline fit me matte + pore less foundation

So this is the Maybelline fit me matte + pore less foundation this is for normal to oily skin and this is the 30ml bottle.

So this is priced at rupees 525 and the packaging says that this will modify and refine force it will give you a natural seamless finish and that’s all that it claims.

so yeah I’ve got to get this annoying sticker out I hate it when they face the sticker right when you have to open the gap and it becomes like really dirty and sticky and I don’t really like that see you see that it becomes really dirty.

so just going to open that key up and oh it does not come with the pump I thought it came with a pump or did I do something wrong Wow okay I mean that ‘show it’s supposed to be right okay.

so the first thing that I immediately dislike is that it comes without a pump which I think will it’ll be a little difficult for me to pour out as much foundation that I need.

and it’s more sanitary to have a pump instead of like an open bottle like this the gap is really tight so I’m sure it’s not going to slip through like if I’m carrying it somewhere but even then it’s not like just something like this is not one of my favourite things.

so I think I’m just going to pour some on the back of my hand and I’m just going to be extra extra careful there you go I’m sure I have more than I need because and then I have to clean out this neck area and the foundation is flowing off a lot of things to take care about oh wow okay.

so this is how the foundation looks as you can see it’s dripping on my hand so it’s very very fluid it’s a liquid foundation and I’m going to just spread it a little bit and warm it up a little bit before I apply it onto my face.

and I’m going to apply it using my Real Techniques buffing brush so let me just put my hair behind my ears and spread the foundation all over my face good color match me properly so I got this off of Amazon I’m going to link it down below.

and what I like about this is that they like had like pictures of different women that you can compare your skin to and then choose your shade.

so first it asked like what’s your skin type so if you have like oily skin or dry skin our combinations in and then the page will redirect you to like a different page where they show you like you know all the different women and then you have to select the girl that matches your skin tone perfectly.

so mine was the Asian lady the picture with the Asian girl in it and sure color was yeah this one Sun beige and I think it did color match me perfectly.

that’s what this foundation is about I think it like fits you and your skin type so just using when clean buffing brush and just starting from the center of my face some sort of drag it downwards first I’m going to spread it all over my face.

and then I’m going to blend it later on oh that’s really blending but that’s even a word I really like it it’s very smooth it does not really drag on to your skin.

as you can see it’s almost disappearing on my skin which I’m really liking and it’s covering the redness quite well it’s gota pretty nice medium coverage.

and it’s very very light I’m really liking this it’s giving me a really nice coverage without looking like really cakey or something oh this is better than I expected you.

I really like the finish of this I am just going to apply some lipstick so that I don’t look washed out I’m going to use one of my favorites at the moment this is the Revlon matte balm in sultry like I said I’m not going to set my foundation using powder.

because I like just want to test how the foundation feels and looks on my face without setting in or without any primer and I think the foundation spread really well on my skin Even without using a primer it felt like I was using a primer probably because this foundation is also really silicone II.

Because it did feel really smooth and slippery so because of that I’m wondering if this would belong-lasting.

Because like primers or anything with too much silicon will slip away from your face if you have oily skin but this one is specifically meant for normal to oily skin.

And so I’m hoping that this sits really nicely on my skin and it has like a removed a little bit of the pores I wouldn’t say they’re entirely gone.

but this is the sort of look that I like I don’t want my skin to look like porcelain or like ceramic like plain like that’s not natural you are supposed to have a little bit of pores and I’m I like that it shows a little bit of the skin through.

but it does cover up all of the imperfections and it covers up the redness really nicely I actually really liked how blend able it was it looks really nice and I love that a color match to me perfectly I got it off of the internet like I said and I really like the system that Maybelline had for me to choose.

so I really want to try the concealer 2 now because um I was a little skeptical I just got the Laurel concealers I’ve got to Laurel concealers so that’s why I just went ahead and tried the foundation because a lot ofyou were questing.

So if you guys have oily skin and if you’re looking for a new foundation which is light that’s something you can wear every single day I think this is something that I would definitely wear every single day.

And if you want something that sits on your oily skin nicely blends superbly and like just gives your skin like an even complexion without looking cakey I think this is really nice for then I really like it.

So yeah that’s all that I have to say about the foundation I really really liked it I don’t think that this is going to oxidize much.

because I have it on my hand and it hasn’t changed color that’s how I actually find out the infallible one that I have I always put my foundation on my arms first and that one goes a little darker.

But this one didn’t really go any darker it’s exactly the same shape on my arm so I know that this wouldn’t oxidize too.

Otherwise I think this much time is enough for foundation to oxidize sometimes it may take up to an hour but I have a feeling that this one does not oxidize.

so it’s going to be exactly the same shape the only thing that I have is that it does I hope it does not slip which I will mention in the comments down below so make sure you check that out.


so yeah that’s all that I have to say thank you so much for reading let me know what you guys think about it.

 Let me know if you’ve tried out the foundation I would love to know your thoughts on it yeah thank you so much. I’ll see you in my next articlebyeyou

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