Milani Conceal (Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer) Review

Milani conceal + perfect 2- in- 1 foundation + concealer

Hey guys so in today’s article I am going to talk about the Milani conceal + perfect 2- in- 1 foundation + concealer I wear the shade number 06. I ordered this online and I got this during sale.

And I remember showing this to you guys in one of my whole articles I have been meaning to talk about this for so long and I decided to use it and actually test it before I sat down and did this review.

I am absolutely in love with this foundation and once you like go through the entire article once you see me applying it and once you see how it fares throughout the day.

I think you guys would actually agree with me as well so according to the packaging the foundation has medium to full coverage it’s lightweight and it has an oil-free formula it’s long wearing water resistant and sweat proof.

This is a liquid foundation and the consistency is pretty thick it’s not very runny like other liquid foundations.

foundation concealer

And once you feel the texture it may seem like this is really heavy and usually with medium to heavy coverage foundations you can actually feel the foundation sit on your skin and you can’t wait to get it off of your face.

But with this is actually really lightweight it also has a faint coconutty sweet smell to it which I did not mind at all Later on I can’t really tell the smell or can’t really distinguish it anymore I think it might have like threw on me.

So you could wear this if you have normal to oily skin and if you have really dry skin it will be better if you mix this with some kind of oil or you can also apply really good moisturizers before you apply this foundation on your skin.

So in this article I’m going to show you how I like to apply the foundation the two different techniques that I like to use and also show you how it lasted throughout the day.

so I’ll be applying the foundation using two different tools on one half of my face are we using this blending sponge and the other half I’ll be using a brush.

Now this is a full-coverage buffing brush and you can use any face brush that you have already I think both of them give like a very different kind of result and I wanted to show you guys how they look and you get like a better understanding of the foundation.

so I decided to get the color sand beige which is the fists hade I think I could see on Nykka because it is so difficult to find your shade online what I did was look up for the shade which was equivalent to NC 40by Mac.

So NC 40 is the perfect shade for me in Mac Studio Fix and then when I lift it up on line number 6 was the closest to NC 40.

so I’m going to pour out at the foundation using the pump directly onto my face I’m going to take like one small pump clickon my forehead like one pump on my cheeks and a little bit on my chin.

so I’m not using a lot of foundation because I want to show you guys that you can actually build up the coverage quite well.

so if you want something that is very light and something which is appropriate for like every day then you can just take like a little bit of the foundation and it just covers up the redness so well.

it’s very easy to blend you can’t actually see the foundation sitting on your skin it makes your skin look like skin and it has a very dewy finish and once it sets you can actually feel it set on your skin.

if you want a little bit more coverage you can definitely go ahead and take a little bit more foundation like so and then you can just go ahead and increase the coverage in case you feel like you need a little bit more.

I was actually very happy with the way it worked the first time but I really wanted to show you how the coverage is bearable.

so I have the foundation on half of my face and that’s how it looks you just pull it down a little bit.

and this is completely natural light I don’t have any artificial lights on I wanted to show you guys how it would look in daylight.

So yeah I have it on half of my face and I feel like you don’t even have to set it with powder because it just sets so beautifully let’s go ahead and do the other side of my face.

So what I’m going to do is just use my fingers to spread the foundation first because we’re using a sponge I don’t want the sponge to soak up most of the foundation and it’s easier to spread it using a finger.

so I’ve got a wet blending sponge the coverage you think the blending sponge is actually medium I think it just distributes the product very evenly and you get this beautiful skin like finish and it fills up the pore as well I have a lot of open pores right here.

But then I think the foundation sits on it so beautifully and I feel like I don’t even need to use any concealer underneath my eyes or on my breakouts because it has covered the redness so beautifully.

And also sometimes my foundation ends up with me very cakey on my forehead and I can always tell every time I wear this foundation that it does not look cakey on my forehead at all.

And yeah it has a very luminous dewy finish and a very buildable coverage that sits on the skin so so beautifully.

And I also think that the finish and the way it lasts on my skin it’s very comparable to the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

Now that in that foundation I am in the shade cashew and that again is something that sits beautifully on my skin it’s super duper long-lasting.

so we are going to test this out I have already tested this out myself it is pretty long-lasting but I want to record it and show you guys that actually lasts 6:00 in the evening right now and I just got done filming three articles I did a lipstick sread so that’s why my lipsticks different.

And yeah this is what the foundation looks like I did not go ahead and do any touch-up I did apply a little bit right here.

Because I was doing a lips read so it just came off a little bit and I did not apply any additional product like whatever was there on the brush I just went ahead with that.

And yeah this is how it looks 10 p.m. right now and I think there’s going to be my final update for today because ah become exhausted I just edited two articles.

And I uploaded my top five mascaras so that was   the makeup I was wearing today and lipstick is worn off because I just had dinner.

so this is how the foundation has fared definitely very very oily on my t-zone I have very oily skin and it’s super oily here I can they’re like I can feel the oil on my finger super oily here as well.

I’m surprised that it didn’t come off or has it I don’t know I’m going to need a mirror and see if it’s still on a breakout I think it has come off of this one this one is red like I can see the pink through the skin.

Otherwise the rest of them are pretty well concealed beside my skin is doing pretty great so not really a lot of movement of the foundation.

And yeah except for the oily t-zone which is because of my skin type and not because of the foundation the foundation hasn’t touched at all I am so impressed.

 I’m actually impressed with my entire makeup today like the eyebrow is holding up so well really like the mascara.


yeah so that’s it for my updates so that’s it for this article thank you so much for reading I hope you guys enjoy this I would highly highly recommend this foundation.

 It is so good it is so comparable to most of the high-end foundations out there and it’s actually not the most expensive I know for some of you.

 But it’s really really nice I kind of regret not getting this when Milani has just launched and yeah it’s actually really nice.

 so I hope you guys enjoy this let me know what you think of this foundation if you’ve used it already leave that in the comment section down below and I’ll see you very soon bye

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