TOP 5 Drugstore Concealers Available in 2020

TOP 5 Drugstore Concealers

Hi guys welcome back to my site Today I’m going to talk about my most favorite concealers.

Now all of these concealers are the ones that I have loved especially in the past year and I’ve used them so much.

And they are literally my holy trails I’ve reached out to them practically every single time I’ve done makeup. I have a ton of concealers and it was hard for me to come up with my top 5 concealers.

Now out of the 5 concealers that I’m showing you for are super affordable and from the drugstore.

I picked up only one hand concealer which I had and I totally love. But that is the one I use for occasions however the other four that I’m showing you are equally good. So you can take your pick and without further ado, let’s get started.

Maybelline FIT ME Concealer

The first concealer that I’m going to show you is the Maybelline fit me concealer no surprises that. This is such a beautiful concealer it’s a cult favorite and it’s one of my favorite products from the drugstore

So this is my new packaging and I have a one which I’m almost running through. So I always keep a backup of this concealer. Because it is beautiful I’m in the shade 25medium weight.

So this concealer has a beautiful texture to it it blends in like butter it comes in a Top her applicator like that. And the concealer itself is super beautiful I’m just going to take a little bit at the back of my hand.

And blend it out for you and you over to see that it blends in beautifully. This concealer is so creamy and it sets under the eyes super well it works beautifully on even.

If you have crow’s feet or if you have some lines under your eyes the only thing that you have to remember to do with this concealer is to set it with a powder.

It’s super beautiful creamy and totally love it. I think this is my fourth or the fifth tube and I’m going to continue to repurchase it. It is one of my favorite concealers guys.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

The next concealer is also from Maybelline. This is also about favorite it’s the beautiful age rewind concealer. Again a beautiful concealer from the drugstore.

Blends in beautifully does not set in the lines or crow’s feet and it does not move. That’s the most important thing because a lot of concealers tend to you know go ahead and set in your lines as the day progresses.

So that’s one thing I always had a problem with a lot of concealers. But one right here does not set into the lines I’m in the shade medium moon again 25.

This comes in a sponge applicator like this. And you have a twist the bottom part of the tube to get some product I’m showing you this at the back of my hand. And I’m going to blend out some of it such a beautiful concealer.

I love this concealer for highlighting especially under my eyes. Because it’s such a beautiful highlighter and it kind of gives that very lifted look.

Even on your forehead if you want to highlight. This is such a perfect concealer to have not just for highlighting for covering your under eye dark circles.

This is so beautiful and definitely does not move again with this concealer. I think that goes with most concealers that you have to set it in with a pressed powder or a compactor at least some kind of powder.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

My next concealer is from makeup revolution this is the conceal And defined concealer I am in the shade c10bee-utiful concealer again sets beautifully under the eyes and blends in so perfectly guys.

There are lighter shades in this concealer as well so formed. This shade is a tad bit too dark it was not too frightening for me but I just love.

This concealer has been compared so much with the top type shape I haven’t used that one. And I do not so far you ever need to get that because this one right here is so beautiful again blends in beautifully.

And has a very soft finish to it with this concealer as well you definitely have to set it. With a powderand it gives you a very kind of a lifted look does not cake at all.

Because I feel itis moisturizing in itself that’s a beautiful thing about this concealer. so a lot of people ask me that why do you lie concealer so much you know we don’t like a concealer let me tell you.

If you don’t like and a sealer the only thing if that has happened with you is that you haven’t found the right one. Because the day you do you’re going to love concealers is well.

They are perfection some of the days when I don’t feel like putting a lot of makeup I don’t feel like putting foundation at all I just go in with this concealer.

And I just conceal under my eyes and on my mouth a bit on my nose and I’m good to go. Because this one the color match is also quite similar to my foundation. This is not a vibrating concealer.

But the concealer it’s so seen in texture it is beautiful it’s not liquidy at all. If you see I’m going to pop the wand out this beautiful fat doe foot applicator.

It is such attuning applicator I mean not just your under-eye I tend to conceal around my nose on my forehead.

and like I said I really love this concealer when I don’t want to go with a foundation on a lot of days I just want to conceal like you know to give that.

A little lifted look on my face and just conceal my some of the spots or acne scars or a few my dark circles this is such a handy concealer.

Wet n wild photofocus concealer

The next concealer and a very recent find is this one from wet and wild this is the Wet n Wild photo focus concealer.

Again a beautiful concealer very popular. This is a new package like you can see and the shade that I am in here is light medium beige should.

Be beautiful concealer this is a concealer that I’m wearing today I totally love it. It is so beautiful it brightens under my eyes it does not settle it does not cake.

And all I did was just go ahead and settle with some of my Laura Mercier loose powder. And you’re good to go.

That’s how the concealer looks it’s such a compact tube it’s so beautiful to even travel with. Now it had a very similar doe foot applicator like the may be llinefitme concealer.

Now this concealer from Wet n Wild is so so affordable guys. I picked it up on sale with other stuff from Wet n Wild.

It’s so what’s the short if you’re on a budget. And if you’re looking for a good concealer hand stamp this is such a good drugstore concealer.

I’m going to show you this concealer at the back of my and it is again super super blend able. And that one right here it blends in beautifully without a lot of effort.

The one thing that I’m going to say about all these concealers that I’ve showed you from Maybelline to the age rewind to this one right here

And then even the makeup revolution. I think a way a concealer blends with a beauty sponge it does not blend with a brush for sure at least that’s my experience.

I also highly recommend that you take your damp sponge to set in your concealer with a loose powder.

Because that way your concealer is going to be flawless its dead you are not going to set in your lines it’s not going to cake.

I have tried setting my concealer a couple of other methods. But this one worked best for me and there are a couple of other colors And I’ve heard they are great for contouring also.

If you go in for a darker color you could definitely use any of these concealers that I’ve showed you for contouring in fact I forgot to mention.

But the makeup revolution concealer comes in at one of colors you can use the darker shades to contour or your cheekbones your nose.

And you know if you want to use a little warmer shade for even bronzing. Now I don’t like liquid or cream contouring and bronzing. So I haven’t gone for one.

But the way this concealer works and the fact that is osmosis I’m pretty sure it’s going to work wonders as a contour as well. The only high-end concealer that I have for you today.

The Mac Pro Long wear concealer

The one that I have loved from the high-end brands for a very long time is the Mac Pro Long wear concealer. Again such a beautiful such a high coverage concealer I’m in the shade NC 35.

And this concealer guys it’s so beautiful. It’s so high coverage a little bit goes a long way I’ve been using this concealer literally for a year.

And you can see I have not even finished half of it I’ve only gone through here. Also because I have a lot of other concealers to go through

But this is a beautiful concealer to invest in if you have a wedding in the house. If it’s your own wedding if there’s a good good coverage concealer that you are looking for I highly recommend.

That you go in for the Mac Pro Long wear. It does not budge it does not gig and it does not settle in your lines it does not move.

And it is so so long wearing like the name suggests it’s a super concealer. If you are looking for a high-end concealer I definitely think you should give this one a go.

Now this concealer comes up with a pump which is beautiful I love the fact that it comes in a pump. I also like to–for applicators but I just feel that pumps are a lot more hygienic.

I’m going to take some of it at the back of my hand and I’m going to blend this out. Now the one thing with this concealer that you have to remember is that this sets in super quickly.

Now you saw that I just waited for practically a couple of seconds and it’s already started setting in.

So you have to be careful with this concealer. Again I highly recommend using a sponge with this concealer.

Because this blends in beautifully again with a sponge I’ve tried using this concealer with a concealer brush did not work for me.

I think in general because I don’t have a try on dries and I keep them really well hydrated. Because of a cautious about my dark circles so I used lot of creams and eye creams etc.

So in the know wherever that mantra area is not hydrated. But I still feel that concealers blend in beautifully with a damp sponge so I highly recommend this one tip and definitely go ahead And set this concealer in with a loose powder again do it with a damp sponge.


So, guys, this is it for today those were my top favourite 5 concealers. If you have any questions for me please do leave it in the comment section below.

Also do let me know what are your favourite concealers from the drugstore or high-end. And if you’d like me to try any of those.

I do a lot of product reviews I post articles there I also announce my giveaway winners And don’t forget to share this article until I see you next bye-bye.

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