Why I hate 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine


Hello everyone and welcome to skincare with Emily Watson if you don’t know who I am my name is Emily and I’m passion about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine.

So today I’m going to be talking about the signature 10-stepskincare routine that so many people follow it.

Now every ten step skincare routine is different but the standard one tends to go like this

Step 1:- oil cleanser

Step 2:- oil-free foaming cleansers

Step 3:- exfoliate

Step 4:- a toner

Step 5:- an essence

Step 6:- a serum

Step 7:- a sheet mask

Step 8:- an eye cream

Step 9:- a sleeping mask and

Step 10:- SPF

that was a mouthful now before I go into the bashing I want to say three things first skin care is amazing and we should celebrate every single person who is taking care of their skin.

So if you’re someone who has been doing the 10 steps camper routine you love your results.

I am so proud of you I’m happy you’re taking care of your skin keep going number two my skin is compared to Korean skin that should be obvious so take everything that I say with a grain of salt.

Because I have lots of improvements that I need to make within my skin and I am in no way saying that my skin is better than Korean skin cuz.

Finally if you do have any other opinions let me know down below do so in a respectful way site scientific sources I would love to hear your guys ‘arguments.

If you do have any against mine just do so in a respectful manner and I will freak in love you and I will grow and learn more.

Reason number 1

That I am NOT of this system is because of the potential irritation that can come along with using ten products at once.

now if you guys don’t know me I love skincare I am obsessed with products I have so many but I’m very particular about what type of products I pairs together.

Now if you guys don’t know my philosophy when it comes to skincare I tend to lean more towards clean skincare.

Because of the potential irritants within products one of these being fragrance the main one that I feel like is the worst when it comes to skincare formulations.

Now I’m not going to go into crazy detail about fragrance let me know if you guys do want to know more about it I’ll create an article.

But not all fragrance is harmful for our skin concentrations of essential oils for example up to 0.1% within a skincare product are totally safe for our skin.

However most companies when they formulate a product they will go up to this point 1% level or they will go above it thereby creating potential irritation for our skin.

Now take that one product and multiply it by 10. If you have 10 different products all of which have the maximum amount of fragrance or essential oils that your skin can take pairing them together and doing that every single day.

I can only imagine the amount of damage and the amount of potential irritation that is creating for your skin fragrance and essential oils have the capability of drying out and resulting in cell death on the surface of your skin.

So it’s really important that people are aware of this and when it comes to the 10 step program unless all of the products are fragrance for you are the majority is fragrance free or free of any other irritating ingredients.

Like drawing alcohols stripping agents when you pair all these together and expose your skin to those harmful ingredients every single day and every single night that’s a lot for your skin to take and for me to feel comfortable with using a 10-step system.

I would need to make sure that the majority of the products do not have any irritating ingredients for my skin if you want to know about the risk of fragrance and essential oil. Then comment me and then I’ll create an article for you.

The second reason

oil cleanser

Because when you look at all of these products a lot of the products essentially do the same thing.

For example consider using a toner using an essence and then using a serum but when you consider like what a toner what an essence and when a serum is supposed to do they’re very similar and what they’re supposed to address within the skin.

I feel like it’s really easy to find products like for example a serum that includes all the advantages you would get within using 3 products within one product.

For example you may have a hydrating toner and a green tea essence and a vitamin C serum but I know off the top of my head of multiple serums that include a high concentration of green tea a high concentration of high grain time.

Here in the hydrating ingredients and a high concentration of vitamin C all within one product and so that makes me think why I would need to use three different products.

If I can just use one you feel me now obviously the concentrations may not be the same but when it comes to like what you’re exposing your skin to you don’t always need the highest concentration out there.

it’s okay for a balance of everything especially when it’s a sin of really beneficial ingredients for your skin that serums do provide you don’t need the strongest thing out there you can get really good results from those concentrations present.

If you’re saying but higher my serum isn’t powerful enough to do that bitch find a better serum there are amazing serums out there definitely something that I will say will treat the issues within your skin.

That’s the beauty of the skincare industry there’s so many options to try.

Reason number 3

oil-free foaming cleansers

Sometimes using that many products on your skin can be bad for your skin and this is where I’ll say it really depends on the person’s skin but sometimes exposing your skin to that many products every single day can cause a lot of adverse reactions.

I’ve spoken to people who went through the ten steps skin care system and their skin only got progressively worse and the attributed to using that many products every single day and they’ve even said it took years for their skin to recover.

Afterwards because when you’re providing that level of hydration to your face and that level of exfoliate.

It can create an adverse reaction within the skin to where your skin starts not producing enough hydration the cell turnover rate isn’t as high different problems.

Now this isn’t the same for everyone’s skin but it is a possibility and I feel a risky exposing my skin to that many products at once the fourth reason being that I feel like.

The 10 step skincare routine is more of a marketing gimmick than it actually is necessary for your skin.

 What I was saying before kind of with products being able to do the same things I think a lot of companies recognize that one serum could accomplish.

 What 3 different products could but companies also know that the more a consumer purchases their products.

The final reason why I do not do a10-step skincare routine

a sleeping mask and

Is because it’s really time consuming and really expensive if you consider the cost of every single product let’s average the product being $30 each that’s a good$300 that you’re spending just for that skincare routine.

And of course it’s going to be more expensive because of the masks because of certain treatments being more than others like it just seem like a lot of expense upkeep especially you having to replenish those every 3 months.


I hope not what do you guys think let me know in the comment section down below I really want to hear if you guys agree with this or if you don’t I’m really open-minded and I want to see the science that you guys promise that me with just make sure you do it respectfully .

So guys I’m see you with another article for now bye bye.

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